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All-Woman Skiing Posse=Best Thing Ever


As a woman and as a skier, I’m here to tell you something. Skiing with a group of ripping women is fun. It’s real fun. It’s pinch-yourself-in-your-thigh-cause-you’re-not-even-sure-life-is-supposed-to-be-this-fun kind of fun. I grew up chasing my older sister around the slopes, and so I know something else to be true. If those fellow skiers are just a little bit better than you (or a LOT better than you, let’s face it) your skills improve fast.

The old Chair 6, Christy and Kim

The old Chair 6, Christy and Kim

As a ski industry person, I want to promote women skiers. We are half the population for starters. Since last I checked skiing is more dudes than chicks, I’ve often wondered how to get more women into the sport. If I had a snowflake for every time I heard, “I used to ski, before I had kids,” then I’d have a full-blown powder day on my hands.

So what gives?

Lel Tone and Kim Kircher

Hanging with Lel Tone 

Maybe women just don’t know how much fun you can have on skis. Whether you’re skiing solo, taking the kids for a lap on the bunny hill, searching for powder with your husband/boyfriend/co-worker or slicing arcs across the groomers, skiing is just fun. Plain and simple.

Kim Kircher and Corinne Mariethoz

Me and Corinne 

But here’s another thing. This is a secret, so you’ll have to lean in close.

Skiing with women is even better. Don’t tell my husband I said that. No hard feelings JK, you’re a lot of fun too. But skiing with a posse of ladies makes me bolder. It makes me relish just a little longer in the sheer joy of the thing.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to get all poetic about the pure experience of the sport. We are still too far away from the start of the season to go there. But you get the gist.

Getting the Girls Out at Crystal Mountain

Getting the Girls Out at Crystal Mountain

This is why I’m looking forward to watching Unicorn Picnic’s Pretty Faces film. Lyndsey Dyer is on a mission to introduce more women to the sport. She spearheaded shejumps.org, an organization dedicated to increasing female participation in outdoor activities. Lyndsey hopes to provide women of all ages and abilities a, “source of inspiration through a unique look at what is possible when boundaries are broken, dreams captured and friendships cultivated.” Check out the trailer below and prepare to get inspired.



Get The Girls Out Event at Crystal


Think there’s not enough women in a ski town? Think again. Over 100 women have signed up for tomorrow’s event, including me!. Get ready for a takeover, Crystal.

get the girls out from Lynsey Ann Dyer on Vimeo.

Get the Girls Out is a national campaign to unite women as they support, challenge, mentor and inspire each other in the outdoor sports world. This event cultivates community for women to have fun, connect with new and old friends AND creates opportunity for women to share the love to ensure younger generations can continue to shred, storm mountains and develop the life skills necessary to succeed on the mountains and in life! We are excited to bring this event to Crystal Mountain on Sunday February 10th. For more info check out the She Jumps webpage.

Pre-registration: Please send an email to mtemple@skicrystal.com by 12pm on February 9th to register for a discounted lift ticket. First 10 ladies to register get a special prize!

Sunday, February 10th:
9am-10am: Pre-registered ticket pick-up at the yurt (in the base area)
10am: Meet at the bottom of the gondola
1pm: Beacon practice at Campbell Basin Lodge with me, Kim Kircher
2pm: Head to Chair 6 to Hike the King as a group (for those who want to)
3 – 5pm: Apres in the yurt (or on the patio if it is sunny)
3:30 – 4pm: Raffle prizes and giveaways

Dress in your favorite onesie, neon, tutu or anything else creative!


Get the Girls Out


SheJumps.org announces GET THE GIRLS OUT, a campaign to bring the community of female skiers and snowboarders together on mountains across the country, if not the world, for one day. On February 11, 2012 women all over the country will be encouraged to utilize the resource of the SheJumps community to celebrate their love for the mountain lifestyle by taking the mountain by storm with new and old friends in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Once per month for the remainder of the ski and snowboard season, SheJumps Chapters across the United States will be hosting informal gatherings on the slopes, both with and without costumes, to GET THE GIRLS OUT and grow the community of women in the outdoors! You don’t have to be a member of SheJumps to join in. This is a great way to meet new friends too.

Check here for participating locations. This page is updated often. Even though it’s not listed yet, I do know that a Get The Girls Out day will be happening at Crystal. Meet Megan Michelson and Ainsley Close at the base of the Gondola this Saturday at 9am.

Unfortunately I will be at Brighton for a book signing, so I will miss the Crystal day. This is unfortunate because I have a killer costume bin that’s just itching for a day on the slopes. All you ladies will have to represent.

For those of you interested in meeting up, use the comment form below to contact Ainsley and let her know you want to join in the fun. Even if you’re not able to attend, please share this post with others who might be interested.

Weekly High-Five Report: SheJumps Empowers Women to Get Outdoors


Claire Smallwood at Crystal Mountain, photo by Brian Stevenson

In the outdoor world, women far too often sit back while their male counterparts jump cliffs, climb granite walls and stomp gnarly lines. I’ve watched as women and girls doubt their own strength, take laps on the intermediate runs, belay for their boyfriends and watch as their husbands fly off to go heli-skiing while they stay home sure they could never meet the challenge. There’s a whole world of fun and adventure passing them by.

That’s where SheJumps comes in.

A non-profit organization started by professional skier Claire Smallwood, SheJumps “strives to increase female participation in outdoor activities by building upon a supportive community that inspires its members to reach their highest potential.”

SheJumps wants to empower women of all abilities and focuses on three stages of women in adventure.

  • Those are: 1) Elite female athletes looking for a network 2.) Already actives looking for a community 3.) And never-evers, girls and women who would otherwise never have the chance to experience the benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle.
  • For elite level female athletes, they are a voice and a place to give back. They work to recognize the “jumps” (i.e. risks) women have taken to follow their passions and the accomplishments of those who are an inspiration to others. They also offer a network for girls and women looking to get into the sports industry with intentions of elevating females in sport and mainstream media. With the goal of offering young girls real role models, these athletes are often times called upon to be “coaches” in events that support the development of all women involved.
  • For already active women, they have groups all over the country getting together for everything from day ski tours to overnight canyoneering adventures. They welcome you to develop your own group and post your outings on their “Jump In!” page.
  • For never-evers, they create activities and events that directly help those who might never otherwise have the chance to experience the benefits of challenging oneself in the outdoors.

With local clubs in several cities across the West, an online chat room, and the Jump In page, these Jumpers are showing women how to get involved in and give back to a growing community of outdoor adventurers.

Bravo Claire and all SheJumpers out there. Way to aim high and take that leap towards a life of adventure and personal growth.

Now go check out their website and get ready to Jump in.