Summit of KilimanjaroSky Diving

Having adventures is my way of building a tolerance for adversity. If it wasn’t for some of these trips, I would never have learned how to get through hardship just fifteen minutes at a time.

Starting the Hike up the Throne

Early Morning Avalanche Control

Putting the "ski" back in ski patrol

Layap Children, Bhutan

Top of the Queen on an avi morning, Crystal Mountain

This is why I married him

John and Kim Kircher, Big Sky

John and Kim at Big Sky

Oh wait. Let me just reapply my lip gloss.

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  1. Wow, I read about you in the NSp magazine, a heli-blaster! Fantastic! I used to be a pilot. I am a NSP since 17 and an emergency room nurse, soon to be nurse practitioner. Ambivalent about patrolling often after 13 hours in busy emergency rooms. Hiking yes, for relaxation, ski patrolling sometimes comes harder as I want to relax. But, after reading the refresher guide, talking to patrol friends, reading the bios and obituaries of Patrollers, I am ready. Keep it up! thanks for all you do.

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